Data Discovery Sciences focuses on delivering value in two areas:

Intelligent Automation (IA) 

Our Zero-Point Method™ shows you the processes that will benefit the most from Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and other IA technologies such as Natural Language Processing  and Chatbots, that can deliver  value  in terms of cost savings, capacity increases, or service experience improvement.  Data Discovery Science team members have successfully delivered some of the largest RPA systems in the world, delivering over $1B in value to clients over the last 10 years.  


Organizations run on insights discovered by analyzing data.  Our data scientists specialize in all aspects of the "Insight Value Chain" starting with data identification and collection through to analysis and reporting.  We use advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to give you answers to your most pressing questions.  We have worked in healthcare, life sciences, insurance and financial services on efforts ranging from model development and reporting to designing and recruiting an entire data science team.   

Data Discovery Sciences was founded in 2015 by a highly experienced team, each possessing over 20 years in the software and services market. In 2019 we formed a strategic alliance with ActiveOps, a leading provider of Workforce Intelligence and Digital Capacity Planning products. 

Our headquarters is located in Dallas, TX. We also have an office in Seattle, WA.

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