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Can your money be stolen by "voice robots"?

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

One of the unintended consequences of AI and Big Data is the rise of ingenious forgeries. The "deepfake" phenomenon that first appeared with the images of actors being superimposed into porn films, has now moved on to using machine learning to replicate the vocal patterns of CEO's, in some cases having them direct controllers and CFO's to wire large sums of money to fake accounts. While most of us search for useful ways to use Big Data and Intelligent Automation to increase organizational performance, those same tools are being used by cyber-criminals for theft and the promotion of darker crimes such as human trafficking. As these technologies become more readily available, the attacks will become less expensive to prepare and more pervasive on a much larger section of the population. At Data Discovery Sciences, we work with public and private organizations to understand and quantify these types of threats and implement technology solutions to mitigate them. We all should expect to hear a lot more about this type of threat in the future.