Is managing your team from home the new normal?

Updated: Apr 3

While many people have been working and managing remote teams from home for quite some time, for others this is a relatively new experience, especially for a prolonged period. As this will definitely present challenges, it will also reveal how, in some cases, work-at-home teams will actually see productivity improve.

A case in point is one effort we worked on to assess the productivity of a work-at-home team vs. the office-based unit. The client believed that the work-at-home team was not as efficient as the office-based unit and as looking to disband the program. They hired us to gather the data and build model to show the differences in productivity. What we found shocked them: The work-at-home team actually had significantly higher productivity than the office-based unit! When we investigated the "why" we found that the work-at-home teams were able to structure their work times into "time-blocks" that gave them "focused work time" in segments throughout an extended work period. It is not that they spent more time but rather it was much more focused time, with our distractions. This allowed them to achieve much higher level of productivity than the traditional office-based unit.

As a result, the organization reevaluated their initial assumption and instituted a broader work-at-home program that created a true win-win situation for everyone,

If you have any questions about this note or our experiences in this area, feel free to contact us; We want to help your organization achieve the type of results we described above!

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