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What We do

Everything starts with understanding your desired outcome!  Whether it is an Intelligent Automation/RPA effort focused on cost/capacity issues or a data-focused, cyber-threat analysis, we will first work with you to understand:

  • The outcome you desire

  • The best path and technology to employ in order to achieve that outcome, and;

  • How to measure whether that outcome is being achieved or not.

Our approach is Discovery-oriented and Data-driven.  This means we will use our technology, wherever possible, to automatically collect, process and analyze the data that exists in your environment as the basis for our recommendations and implementation efforts.  Everything is based on data and the use of a scientific approach:


Our analytical findings are based on your data :  We don't guess!

Where and How to Start

What to Measure

How to Scale

How to Manage

If your journey is through Intelligent Automation, 

our data driven methodology will answer:

Business Meeting

Intelligent Automation Roadmap Development and Implementation

A Comprehensive Approach

After learning about your automation goals and objectives, we use our innovative "Intelligent Automation Framework™" to document the automation attribute profile of the selected process.  This includes capturing the KPI's, data types, decision types, actions, outcomes, current costs, complexity and projected post-implementation costs factors that are required to develop a positive business outcome.  This sets the stage for the development of a value-added PoC that can be leveraged for future value capture efforts.   If you would like to learn more about how we can help with your RPA or cognitive automation efforts, just contact us with the submission form below of call us at 972.757.4776.  

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Intelligent Automation as a Service

Benefit from Intelligent Automation without the Risk

"Intelligent Automation  as a Service” (iAaaS) is a way for organizations to enjoy the benefits of Intelligent Automation, whether it's RPA or cognitive/learning-based technologies, without the high up-front costs typically associated with AI and Intelligent  Automation Solutions. We are able to provide this service by using cloud services and collaborating with our highly competent partners to evaluate use the appropriate IA technologies for each of your processes and tasks.

Gone are the days when you needed to search for the right technologies,  implement and manage them, all before automating your first process. Our highly experienced team will Discover, Build and Run, Manage and Monitor your processes on our iAaaS platform. Our solution includes dashboards hot visualize for you a picture of  how well your automated processes are performing, showing you ROI in real-time and pointing out where improvements are needed.


What’s Being Said

"Ed Peters has been one the most dedicated persons I have known in pursuit of the leverage of data with analytics."

Jim Sinur
Former VP and Distinguished Analyst
Gartner Group

":Edward Peters is an exceedingly insightful executive with an immense amount of experience and good judgment.  I really enjoyed working with him and his team."

N. Mark Lam
Pristine Group

"The Intelligent Automation Framework of Dr. Eng. Edward Peters is one of the most useful tools we have found to plan our automation and cognitive process implementation roadmap."

Ricard Frei


Operational Improvement

AXA Insurance Group